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Northwood School District

Northwood School District, 10 days ago

Order your Northwood fall sports apparel before Tuesday, September 22

Meaghan Sorensen

Meaghan Sorensen, 1 day ago

Happy Friday all! I am finishing my texture photo share outs this week with some photos by Senior, Becky Liautaud. Hope you enjoy her photos focusing on capturing texture! Have a great weekend! view image

Meaghan Sorensen

Meaghan Sorensen, 3 days ago

The attached photos were taken by freshman, KamiKay MacDonald. The assignment was focused around capturing texture. KamiKay did an excellent job of finding some unique images to capture! view image

Meaghan Sorensen

Meaghan Sorensen, 4 days ago

In Photography class we did a photoshoot focused around texture. The attached images were taken by freshman, Bo Johnson. He really did a great job capturing texture! view image

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