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Northwood School District

Northwood School District, 9 days ago

Northwood's Trunk or Treat Flyers ( are being sent home sometime this week with students in grades PK-8th. We currently have 11 trunks of treats and 4 other trunk or treat locations listed on the flyers for the children to enjoy. Mark your calendars! Also, there is still time to be added to the list of trunks. Contact Mrs. Birdsill at the school if you or your organization are interested. view image

Benjamin Sorensen

Benjamin Sorensen, 1 day ago

Check out these finished woodworking projects by Nona Thompson, Caden Denham, and Dylan Atchison. These were in progress last year when COVID sent students home. The projects are now done and ready for their new homes! It was long wait, but what a sweet reward!

Stephanie Birdsill

Stephanie Birdsill, 2 days ago

The 8th graders created Shoebox Marble Runs in MakerSpace this week. Click on the link to see their finished projects: .

Stephanie Birdsill

Stephanie Birdsill, 6 days ago

The MakerSpace group of 8th graders were given aluminum foil and cardboard and tasked with creating an unsinkable ship. See the slide show for a recap:

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