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Northwood School District

Northwood School District, 1 day ago

We thank Spooner Health for their recent donation of 100 childrens cloth masks. We greatly appreciate our local support!

Northwood School District

Northwood School District, 5 days ago

Back to School Information - The first day of school is Thursday, August 20th. The Back to School packets were mailed out to families earlier this week. The District has implemented many new infection control and prevention practices and procedures aimed at increasing the health and safety of our staff and students. Some examples of these proactive measures are listed in our Northwood Together plan which is located on our district website homepage. Also included in this plan are the 4 phases that represent an overview of the district plan for the education setting during this COVID-19 health crisis. The District is planning to begin the school year using the Phase 1 model which involves staff and students being back at school with face-to-face instruction. The school environment will include some new practices where acceptable, feasible, and practical such as physical distancing, limited class sizes, increased outdoor learning opportunities, and much more. The District is also adopting the details listed in the Office of the Governor’s Order relating to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by requiring face coverings in certain situations. We have great alternative options for our students including the traditional setting of face-to-face including our Northwood Elementary, Middle and High School, and NorthStar Charter School. We also have our Northwood Virtual School and Distance Learning options for families that are seeking a learning environment for their children that allows them to be homebound. As we work with families, we are confident that we can identify the best learning environment for each student in the Northwood School District. Please contact the office with any questions or to discuss an educational plan for your child(ren). We will be releasing daily details and examples of our plan beginning next week.

Meaghan Sorensen

Meaghan Sorensen, 17 days ago

Hey all! I am sharing an art contest opportunity from the American Legion, Department of Wisconsin. The contest is called Patriotism and Purpose. You can visit their website ( the guidleines are located at the very bottom of the homepage. Or contact me and I can send them to you if you are interested. Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Northwood School District

Northwood School District, 17 days ago

Northwood School District is looking for contractors to give estimates for building outdoor learning spaces in order to take advantage of the wonderful space we have on our district property. This will also help us prepare for the school year as students will be able to enjoy some fun outdoor lessons. See image provided by Walker Lumber Company. We already have a 13 x 24 concrete slab. Please contact the district if you know of interested builders. Evergreen Pride! view image

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