Richard I. Bong Center Presentation

In observance of Veterans Day, Northwood students had the fortunate opportunity to have veterans visit our classes from the Richard I. Bong Center. Our fourth and fifth-grade students were riveted by the presentation given by veterans who served during the Vietnam War in both the Army and Navy. The lesson began with an explanation of the proper way to fold the American flag with the reasons why it is folded with thirteen folds and what each fold represents. Next, was The Traveling Foot Locker presentation, our students learned about rank, military jobs, time served as recognized on the uniforms also able to see tools first hand that were used during that era. They were able to ask questions such as "What places around the world were you able to visit?" and "On a scale of 1-10, how scared in combat were you?" To also asking thoughtful questions such as, "What was the hardest thing you've had to do?" to which these wise and inspirational veterans had insightful responses to each of their questions. This was a memorable learning experience for all. We truly appreciate all who have and are serving today. The group of presenters helped our students connect and have a greater understanding of the sacrifice our men and women chose to do for us and our country.  Thank you to the Veterans who visited us today and those who are with us every day.