Space Camp Scholarship Recipient

Richard Hailey has been awarded a FULL ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP to Space Camp!

Back in November, this determined 4th grader completed the extensive application process for a scholarship to attend Space Camp in Alabama this summer.  The application  included writing essays, designing a personal mission patch that represents who he is, and submitting a science project presentation of him going through the entire engineering design process.  Here is what he wrote about his patch (upper left of the photo):

Triangle: I like the Triangle because it is the strongest shape. It also reminds me of my Faith.

Evergreen Tree: The Evergreen tree represents my school and community in Minong, WI. It is a special tree that never loses its color. “Stand tall like an Evergreen!”

Rook Chess Piece: Chess is my favorite game. It is about strategy, taking your time, and problem solving. You have to look at all the moving parts before moving your piece. I really like the Rook because it is like a landmark in every corner of the board. It cannot move in every direction, but it can reach every square on the board. It protects other pieces, and it works well with others - like me. This school year I started a student chess club.

Math Symbols: Math is a universal language and is used everywhere in the world. I’m in advanced math. I work with our school’s HS foreign exchange student from Spain.

Books: I love reading. I read a lot of books about space, and my favorite series is Harry Potter. I’ve read through them twice.

Beaker: This represents my love for science. I’ve always loved doing science experiments. When I was 4 I asked for 30% hydrogen peroxide for Christmas.

Gear & Circuits: This represents my love for engineering, robotics, and coding.

Space Shuttle: When I grow up, I would like to be an astronaut or work for NASA. My love for space is infinite.

Jesus Fish: Finally, I chose to include the Jesus Fish on my patch because my love for God is also infinite. My faith is important to me.

All of Richard’s hard work and perseverance is the beginning of a dream come true!  We are so proud of you Richard!  Enjoy every moment of this amazing opportunity!