2011 Northwood delegation
2011 Superior Days delegation
The 2011 Northwood students who attended Superior Days included Allison Fouks, Allison Wallace, Jessie Wells, and Kayla Gouge'.

Tuesday included a visit to the Department of Tourism meeting, where Secretary Stephanie Klett addressed the group and regaled the delegation with tales of Wisconsin tourist sites and history. The Northwood delegation was fortunate to meet with Sec. Klett privately, and they took a group photo.

In the evening, the Northwood group met with Northwood graduates Cole and Kyle. During dinner, they heard about UW-Madison and the benefits of attending school in the capital city.

Wednesday morning, Stephanie Klett addressed the whole delegation. Then the lobbying groups met before attending meetings with legislators at the Capitol.

During lunch, former Governor Tony Earl addressed the delegation.

The afternoon was full of meetings. This Northwood group had an idea for a Superior Days issue, which was accepted and included in the official program. Kayla and Jessie presented an issue to the Department of Transportation, where they outlined the dangerous intersection of Highways 77 and 53 in Washburn County. Allison F. and Allison W. were part of a job-shadowing experience.

Wednesday evening the Youth Delegation attended a dinner reception, which was a final chance for the students to meet and talk with one another. Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson was the speaker, introduced by Northwood junior Jessie Wells. Later the Northwood group had their photo taken with Ms. Abrahamson, and had a few moments to discuss their thoughts.

This was the year that many unions protested the Capitol, and the streets were full of groups with signs, making demands of the government as they expressed their dissatisfaction with the legislative changes. The Capitol rotunda was also a hotbed of activity, with a steady stream of occupiers and picketers.

2013 Northwood delegation
2013 Superior Days delegation meets in the Capitol
The 2013 Northwood delegation consisted of Braxton Phillips, Betsy Hall, Samantha Linden, and Brooke Gouge'.

The group met with Sen. Bob Jauch, holding a morning meeting in his office to discuss issues of our area.

Later that day, they heard a speech by Douglas County board member Doug Finn, and a speech by Appeals Court Judge Gary Sherman. The afternoon included a meeting at the Department of Public Instruction, where they supported the Mercer delegation who explained public funding and the effects on small rural districts.

Tuesday evening was free time shopping and dining on State Street.

Wednesday morning, newly-elected U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin addressed the delegation. The morning also included lobbying efforts with assigned groups, and meeting with different legislators at the Capitol. At lunch, Samantha introduced environmentalist Tia Nelson before her presentation. Then Betsy Hall introduced Congressman Sean Duffy, who spoke to the delegation. In the afternoon, Betsy and Sam job shadowed the Attorney General, Braxton job shadowed the Sergeant-at-Arms, and Brooke took a tour of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Wednesday evening the Youth Delegation attended a dinner reception, and had a last meeting with the rest of the Youth Delegation. U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin addressed the group, and later U.S. Representative Sean Duffy addressed the group.

Students also met and mingled in the Superior Days Youth Delegation hospitality room, where they socialized and exchanged ideas.

2015 Northwood delegation
The 2015 Northwood students who attended Superior Days included Andrew Peterson, Samantha Linden, Brenda Borst, and Tyler Smith.  

Tuesday included a visit to Rep. Romaine Quinn, who devoted time discussing the issues of the area.  Rep. Quinn was a high school delegate to Superior Days and gave background on how his journey to the Capitol progressed.  Evergreens also stopped by the office of Governor Scott Walker, and his staff gave a tour of the office and allowed the students to examine artifacts in the Governor's Conference Room.  

Tuesday afternoon included job shadowing, and Brenda and Andrew were to join Rep Quinn's office for a few hours.  Sam and Tyler toured the UW-Madison campus with other youth delegation members.  Before dinner was a training session for the youth as they practiced running through their presentation for the lobbying effort on Wednesday.  Students practiced with adult mentor/chaperons as well as with each other in a peer-practice setting.

Wednesday morning began with a delegation breakfast featuring speaker and Supreme Court justice Ann Walsh Bradley.  Students then joined their lobbying groups where they prepared for a visit to the Capitol.  Groups are assigned 4-5 legislators to visit and discuss the main issues determined by the Superior Days delegation.  

Wednesday afternoon the Northwood delegation again worked in the Capitol, delivering a presentation to the Department of Transportation regarding Highway 53 safety.  They delivered a speech and provided a brochure that they created.  Their appearance was well-received and appreciated.

Wednesday evening included an invitation to view the "Product Parade" at the Madison Concourse Hotel, sponsored by the Superior Days board.  Schools, businesses, and activities offered brochures and small gifts to each visitor.  The Youth Delegation banquet followed, with dinner featuring Wisconsin products.  Northwood junior Brenda Borst took the podium to introduce the keynote speaker.  Rep. Romaine Quinn spoke to the gathered guests and answered questions from the students and chaperons.

Overall, the Northwood delegates were very busy.  Northwood students always volunteer to do more, always visit additional legislators, and generally make the most of their visit to Madison.  Evergreen students are leaders!

2012 Northwood delegation
2012 Superior Days delegation in the Capitol rotunda
The 2012 Northwood students who attended Superior Days included Chrystal Peterson, Jessie Wells, and Kayla Gouge'.

The Tuesday lunch speaker was WI Economic Development Corp. CEO Paul Jadin. Students then attended a Department of Veteran's Affairs meeting and a Department of Tourism meeting.

Wednesday breakfast speaker was Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Later, everyone went to the Capitol and joined their lobbying groups to meet with legislators and discuss such issues as education funding, animal abuse, the expansion of Hwy 2, mining permitting legislation, and WI-MN tax reciprocity.

The lunch speaker was Dr. Ray Cross, UW-Extension Chancellor.

In the afternoon, Jessie presented an issue to the Department of Transportation, where she outlined the dangerous intersection of Highways 77 and 53 in Washburn County. In the meantime, Chrystal and Kayla shadowed Rep. Brett Hulsey of Madison.

During this trip, the Northwood delegation also met and spoke with State Senator Bob Jauch, Representative Sheila Harsdorf, as well as other legislators.

In the evening, the Youth Delegation attended their own dinner reception, which was a last chance for the attendees to meet and mingle. During this reception, Dr. Ray Cross addressed the high school students and outlined the importance of education and the goals of the UW system.

2014 Northwood delegation
2014 Delegation at the Capitol
The 2014 Northwood students who attended Superior Days included Elizabeth (Betsy) Hall, Samantha Linden, and Andrew Peterson.

Tuesday afternoon the delegation attended department meetings. They also gathered at the Madison Concourse Hotel for mentoring sessions, so students could polish their presentations by practicing with adult representatives.

Wednesday morning, Betsy Hall introduced the Governor in front of the group. Her poise and professionalism was impressive.

Wednesday students met with their lobbying groups and visited legislators to present the important issues of northern Wisconsin.

Lunch was served at the Concourse Hotel and students met and talked with Representative Nick Milroy and Representative Janet Bewley.

The afternoon included job shadowing and a UW campus visit.

This year, students were invited to attend the product parade, where business representatives man booths and display their words for the attendees. Following this meeting, they moved to the youth reception, where they enjoyed a formal dinner and met Justices Annette Ziegler and Ann Walsh Bradley, as well as Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.