Northwood After School Program
Sign-Up Sheet
The bus schedule remains the same. The bus will leave Northwood School at 5:30 . The first drop-off point is in Minong BEHIND the Minong Village Hall at approximately 5:35. The drop-off point in Gordon is at the ICO at approximately 5:50. The students will remain on the bus until their ride arrives or they leave the bus to walk home. If a child is not picked up by 6:00, the bus will return that child to school. The parent must then pick his/her child up there.
Please complete the following information and return this form to school no later than Friday. We need to ensure appropriate and sufficient supplies and supervision. Forms returned after Friday will not be accepted.  If your child is absent, call school or e-mail me at Those only staying for Power Hour do not need to register ahead, but you will need to provide transportation at 4:30. If you pick up your child, you must sign him/her out. We will be in the school building until 5:20 p.m. Then, we will be on the east side of the building where the buses load.
My child(ren) will attend the program:
_____   Monday, __________________
_____ Tuesday, __________________
_____ Wednesday, ________________
_____Thursday, __________________
 NAME(S) and GRADE(S) of child(ren) attending:
_____My child(ren) will need transportation to Minong.
      _____I will pick them up at the hall.
      _____They will walk home from the hall.
      _____They will be dropped off at the Edgewood Apartments.
_____My child(ren) will need transportation to the Gordon ICO.
     _____I will pick them up at the ICO.
     _____They will walk home from the ICO.
_____My child(ren) will not require transportation. I will provide their transportation from school.
___________________________      ______________________
Parent Signature                                      Date
You may sign your child up for the same days every week if you specify on this sheet that it is for every week. Then, you will only need to contact me if there is a change in schedule. You may also e-mail me with the information at