Why Play 60?

Health experts recommend that young people get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Here's why and how to meet this goal! You can track your physical activity - and earn rewards and recognition - at FuelUpToPlay60.com.

What are the benefits?

Being physically active is important for lots of reasons:

It helps you look and feel your best. Physical activitiy can give you more energy, improve your self-image and help you manage stress. Staying active helps shape your muscles, can help maintain a healthy weight and can improve your posture! Stand tall and proud! It helps you have a healthy heart and body, now and later. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, bone weakness and heart disease are things we hear about in older people - our parents, grandparents and others. The truth is that these diseases begin can begin in youth. Sixty minutes of daily physical activity helps build long-term health. By becoming more active now, you're building healthy habits that can keep you healthy when YOU might be a grandparent.

It is a great way to make friends and stay on the right path. Participating in physical activity (like a sports team or walking club) can help you make friends while you get fit. You'll learn teamwork, self-discipline and make some friends along the way.

It may help you learn. Kids who are more physically active tend to perform better academically. Physical activity can help students manage stress, improve self-esteem, cognitive function and test scores.

Getting, and staying, physically active will help you now - and help you in the future.
So choose an activity and get active!