Northwood School Garden Project

Our Mission:
The Northwood Community Garden was created in 2011, initiated by AmeriCorps, to serve as an environment for students and local residents to come together and learn the many lessons that gardening has to offer. Our small patch of soil has the power to teach us about healthy eating, maintaining our environment, and providing goods for our families and local economy. In addition to offering Northwood students a wealth of knowledge, the garden will help improve a sense of belonging, increase fellowship and community involvement, and instill pride of ownership.
The garden presents educational benefits, helps to unite the school and community, and provides civic engagement opportunities for our students. Northwood School will be able to use the garden to expand on inquiry-based teaching strategies, integrating science, math, social studies, and language arts. The garden holds potential resources for classes such as tech ed. (vocational skills), photography, digital media, art, literacy, and FACE (Family and Consumer Education). The garden can be used by every grade level, North Star Charter School students, afterschool programs, summer school, and kitchen staff.

In our first season, the garden grew from an empty patch of grass into a beautiful outdoor classroom, with decorative stone planters, highly functional raised vegetable beds, a multitude of fruit trees, a compost area, and a greenhouse.
• North Star Community Charter School students built a compost bin. The bin is currently filling up with compostable scraps from classrooms and the cafeteria.
• Kindergarteners planted seeds in our indoor micro-garden. They started the tomatoes and peppers that will move out to the garden for the summer.
• Preschool students planted and cared for beautiful flowers that are ready to move into the stone planters.
• North Star Community Charter School students have made great use of the greenhouse, growing an array of edible and ornamental plants.
• The primary special ed. class got their hands dirty pulling weeds, finding worms, and sampling our first batch of asparagus.
• The Art Club channeled their talent into a beautiful outdoor sign and message board for the garden.
• Elementary Students participated in a week-long series of gardening events, planting seeds, making compost, and learning about bees, butterflies, and healthy vegetables.

In the coming seasons, the Northwood Community Garden would like to expand student and community involvement by hosting events focused on planting and harvesting. We also hope to expand our planting area and make the best possible use of our vegetables, throughout the summer, and into the school year.

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Contact: Shelby Renoos-Ausing at

Contact: Shelby Renoos-Ausing