Food Service Program Survey

 1. I am a:
  High School Student
  Middle School Student
 2. Select your top five favorite school lunch meals:
 3. Suggestions on what to add to the school lunch menu:
 4. I prefer a salad bar rather than the lettuce and toppings that we get with lunch.
 5. I prefer white milk over chocolate milk.
 6. Select your five favorite breakfast options:
 7. Suggestions on items to add to the school breakfast menu:
 8. Which breakfast choices do I prefer?
  options for my breakfast food
  a grab-n-go bag (prepackaged bag)
 9. I prefer to have warm breakfast.
  Once a week
  Twice a week
  Every day
 10. It is important to me to be aware of healthier eating habits.
 11. What do you think is the major cause of childhood obesity?
  Lack of exercise
  Eating the wrong foods
 12. Do you think it is important to understand the nutritional value for a serving size?
 13. If you do not eat school breakfast, please tell us why.