The Northwood After School Program offers children the chance to have fun, feel safe, and participate in daily educational enrichment activities. Most children look forward to attending. Our program offers comprehensive activities which provide the following:
• Fosters the self-worth of each child.
• Develops personal and interpersonal social skills, and promotes respect for cultural diversity.
• Provides help with homework, tutoring, and other learning activities.
• Provides time and space for quiet study.
• Provides new, developmentally-appropriate enrichment activities to add to students' learning at school, helps them develop thinking and problem-solving skills, and sparks their curiosity and love of learning.
• Provides recreational and physical activities to develop physical skills and constructively channel children's energy pent up after spending most of the day in a classroom.
• Encourages participation in group sports to provide lessons about cooperation and conflict resolution.
The program runs Monday through Thursday from 3:30-5:30 p.m. We also conduct various family days and family nights throughout the year. Call Northwood School and ask for Deb Martin for additional information.

Contact: Deb Martin