WHAT: The Northwood School District Volunteer Program is an opportunity for the Northwood Community to get more involved in our school. The results of that involvement will be a better school, greater community cooperation, a more informed school district and, most importantly, enhanced educational opportunities for our children. Because this is a volunteer program it isn’t costing the taxpayer a dime.

WHO: Anyone can fill out an application to volunteer. There is no age limit or need to have children in school. We use the application to collect information about skills and knowledge that might be useful in a school setting. To protect our children, the school will be screening applicants and will do background checks.

WHERE: Northwood elementary, middle and high school is looking for more community involvement. If you have any questions call the school. Someone will be glad to help you.

WHEN: As a volunteer you’ll be working at times that are convenient to both you and the school. You decide the commitment level. Whether it’s once a week or once a year, whatever you can do will be appreciated.

HOW: Contact the Northwood School and ask them for a volunteer application. After filling it out return it to the school office. Your name will be entered into a data bank of volunteers who will be called as needs arise. Don’t be disappointed if you aren’t called right away. This is a new program and it will take awhile for it to catch on and for the wrinkles to be ironed out. Tell your friends about the program and encourage teachers to use it. Remember, everyone benefits when volunteers are used in our schools: teachers, administration, parents, taxpayers and most important our kids!

Phone numbers: 466-2297 or 466-2298

Letter to Volunteers

Dear Volunteer,

On behalf of the parents, teachers and especially the children of the Northwood School District, I want to thank you for your willingness to invest your time and energy in our most precious resource: our kids. You’ll find information in this packet which will help you as you get oriented in your volunteer post. The Principal will also help you get started and will be happy to answer any of your questions. You may be asked to attend future training sessions depending on what role you’re filling as a volunteer.

Each teacher has different ideas about how she/he would use volunteers, so the details of your involvement will have to wait until you are actually working with your teacher or principal. Take some time to think of any strengths or interests you have that might be of benefit to a teacher. Don’t be too modest, we want to help as much as we can. Knowing your strengths can help us place you most effectively.

As you work in the school, keep in mind some of the concerns expressed by teachers:

Confidentiality: Your time in the school may give you access to confidential information. Respect people’s privacy and make sure that this information does not go beyond school doors.

Reliability: Teachers are changing lesson plans and students are counting on you. Consistency and reliability are important. If you can’t make it to your scheduled time give as much notice as possible to the staff member you are working with. If you find that the commitment you’ve made is too much, let the school know right away that you want to cut back your hours.

Consideration: “Just dropping in” on a teacher during the school day can be a real disaster for an overloaded schedule. If you want time to meet with a teacher about your child or some other matter, make sure that you pick a time convenient to both of you. Steer clear of the teacher’s lounge, teachers need space too.

Discipline: Get clear with your teacher what disciplinary role you are to play. Some may expect you to play a greater role than others. Make sure that you are comfortable with whatever is decided.

Be sensitive: to cultural, ethnic and religious differences that you will encounter as you work in the school. Respect those differences. Sometimes our prejudices can be so subtle that we’re not even aware of them. Be careful not to make assumptions about what students are like based on skin color, sex, ethnic background or physical abilities.

Your name: As a matter of school policy the students will refer to you with a Mr., Ms., Mrs. or Miss in front of you last name. In the presence of students, staff will also refer to you that way and you should refer to all other adults that way as well.

Finally: Use lots of praise and positive feedback. Especially with the kids, and don’t forget the adults. Smiles and compliments can be contagious and are an important part of your contribution to the school. Be supportive of other volunteers, especially if it seems like they’re having a hard time.

Good luck in your endeavors and, once again, thanks.


Josh Tomesh

Volunteer Information Form


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Northwood School. Please fill out this form to help us find the best position to place you in. The popularity of using volunteers in schools is growing nationwide and we think it will be beneficial here at Northwood, too. So don’t be discouraged if we don’t call you right away. Your name will be on file in our resource bank and as more and more teachers become aware of this program and the advantages of using it, more and more volunteers will be placed. You can help by spreading the work. Tell other parents about the volunteer program and remind teachers of the resource that’s waiting to be used.


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER______________________________________________________________


OCCUPATION/TRAINING/AREAS OF EXPERTISE____________________________________________


I AM AVAILABLE:_________________daily_________________weekly________________once in awhile



________Elementary(K-5) ________Middle School(6-8) ________High School(9-12)


________Helping out on the playground

________Reading to students, listening to students read

________Helping out during lunch hour

________One-on-one tutoring

________Assisting a teacher in class


I understand that the Northwood School District is making every effort to protect the interests of our children, and agree to allow the school district to conduct a background check. Any information gathered in such a check will, of course, be confidential.

SIGNATURE____________________________________________________ DATE___________________


The Northwood School Board Policy GBC requires that background checks
be conducted on all full-time, part-time and substitute employees

Please complete and sign below.



Birth date:_____________________________________________________

Social Security Number:_________________________________________

I hereby give the Northwood School District the right to conduct a check of
my background.

__________________________________________ _________________
Name                                                                            Date