Northwood Middle School Forensics

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(A record forty-four students!) Makala (poetry), Mirana (prose), Samantha (prose), Anna (prose), Elise (prose), Cassie (prose), Alex (prose); Ethan & TeLaura (readers theater); Ryan, Tristan, Matt, Brody (readers theater); Brenda, Brittany, Lydia, Emma, Josy (readers theatre); Jamie, Evyn, Dylan (readers theater); Amanda, Christina, Mikayla, Anna (readers theater); Casey, Carley, Courtney (readers theater); Mason & Trystan (readers theater); Elissa, Shyanne, Chelsea, Austin (readers theatre), Hannah, Bailey, Brooke (readers theater); Brittany & Kaylea (readers theater); McKayla & Brianna (readers theater); Dylan, Eli, Jordan (readers theater).