History of Northwood Quiz Bowl

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f: Kyle, Justin, Molly, Deanna b: Lisa F., Allison F., Hannah F., Sarah, Teagen
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2010-2011 teams
2010-2011 Quiz Bowl Team
Northwood I: Final rank #10 Record 5-7-1 (725 points)
Tournament: Fourth or fifth place
Tournament Team: Deanna Scheller, Kyle Farris, Molly Farris, Justin Flamang
Northwood II: Final rank #11 Record 5-7-1 (710 points)
Tournament team: Allison Fouks, Teagen Harings, Sarah Hermeier, Lisa Featherly
Other members: Bailey Burns, Shawn Trainor, Brianna Hoyt, Lisa Love, Allison Wallace, Joe Oestreich, Hannah Fouks, Hannah Quigley, Trevor Waggoner