Karen Duffy's English Class

Dec. 21, 2016
Advanced English and Civil Rights
classes travel to see Lorraine
Hansberry's play A Raisin in the Sun.


"Communication--the human connection--is the key to personal and career success."  Leadership expert Paul J. Meyer's quotation illustrates the vital role of good reading, writing, and speaking skills.  These are life skills, and in these classes there will be plenty of opportunity for developing and polishing these skills.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic schedule--Let's Have a Great Year!

Welcome to Mrs. Duffy's English classes. Please contact her with any questions about homework, expectations, or extra-curricular opportunities. Notifications are sent via email, so contact her with your address to receive these messages.

All English students have a vocabulary book, and there are two great resources to review words before each quiz. Buttons to the left will take you to vocabulary games or vocabulary review.

SENIORS: A new law and justice scholarship opportunity is being offered by the law firm of Hammitt, Bellin & Oswald.  Prepare a short essay on "law and justice in our society."  Contact Mrs. Duffy for more information. The due date is January 31.

All English students also have a text called Grammar for Writing. Each grade has a different color (ninth=blue, tenth=orange, applied=green, advanced=gold) and links on the "Grammar for Writing" website will provide additional practice. There is also additional ACT & SAT practice here.

Poetry Out Loud is a nationwide recitation contest. Every high school student will participate in class events. In January there is a school contest, as only two Northwood students may compete at the regional contest is held in Eau Claire in February. Poems for recitation as well as video examples can be found on the link to the left.

The American Legion Oratorical Contest is a scholarship opportunity for those who love speaking and have knowledge of government. Requirements are to research, write, and deliver a memorized 8-10 minute speech as well as research and prepare for a 3 minute impromptu topic. There are levels of advancement, with contests for Post and County (December), District (February), and Regional/State (February). The top state winners travel to the National contest in April.

There are extra writing contest opportunities for students: The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets student contest, the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest, The UW Barron County Red Cedar Review, the Wisconsin Outdoor newspaper contest, the Bong Veterans Historical Center contest, and others will be added as available. Take the initiative to enter these, and feel free to use Mrs. Duffy for guidance.   See the links on the left or talk to Mrs. Duffy for more information.

The Quiz Bowl team members are part of ITV contests throughout the winter, sponsored by Academic Hallmarks. Now everyone else can get a taste of this challenge! Visit this site for practice questions or sign up to receive a "question of the day" via email--the button is to the left.

The ACT is a college readiness test, which college-bound students should take in their junior or senior years before applying to post-secondary institutions. In Wisconsin, all juniors take this assessment.  The ACT button to the left will connect you to the Home Page, which has test registration, test location centers, and test prep activities. Register at least a month ahead. See Mrs. Duffy for additional review activities.

Students interested in attending WITC can find a direct link to their admissions page. WITC now requires students to take a placement tool called the Accuplacer test, and on that same page can be found review materials and sample exercises. See Mrs. Duffy for additional review activities.

There is a good online source for testing general knowledge while donating food to the poor. Free Rice is a great way for students to help feed the world while also honing their math, English, language, and other skills. Click on the link to the left to start the fun.

Poets, are you having trouble thinking of a good word for your work? Try the Rhyming Dictionary link to the left.

English students can enter the Creative Communication poetry contest by sending in their very best work.

Students with additional interests in English/Language Arts can study independently by arranging alternate activities with the teacher.  Do you like speaking, theatre, writing, or government?  Let's talk.  

Students: BADGERLINK button for research, STAR reading for thrice-yearly testing.

If you have any questions about these classes or activities, please contact Karen Duffy ( )

Contact: Karen Duffy